Meet Style Palace's new Fashion Ambassador - Sonia of Sonish Space - Style Palace

Meet Style Palace’s new Fashion Ambassador – Sonia of Sonish Space

Say ‘Hello’ to the gorgeous Sonia of Sonish Space Fashion Blog!

Discovering Sonia on Instagram was one of those “Hallelujah” moments you rarely have in Fashion nowadays. The instant you realise you have been missing out on watching a beautiful girl, give real down to earth , no fuss styling advice was like finding out my husband had eaten my Peppermint Magnum Icecream I had been craving all day!

What have I missed?! Sooo dissapointing….

With her own Blog quickly grabbing media attention, I just knew I had to meet the girl behind the effortless cool pics and her raw , girl next door personality, which I quickly fell in love with upon first meeting.

Wearing her heart on her sleeve, Sonia’s genuine love for just about everyone she meets is infectuous. No fuss, what you get is what you see type attitude is almost envious when you learn a little more about the brains behind her beauty and what makes Sonia a true Aussie fashionista without all the BS.

We sat down to chat over a bowl of Fries, Pad Thai and Chocolate Brownie to learn more about what makes Sonia tick. Above food combination, not recommended in the future!


Tell us a little about yourself and why Fashion and style has become such a big part of your life?

I took the plunge into the blogging sphere because of my love for fashion and writing, which provides me with the platform to combine the two and everything in-between to share. My name is Sonia Koroma, blogger and creator of Sonish Space (my life through the lens) blog. I’m presently residing in North Brisbane. I have a Bachelor of Business majoring in Accounting Degree and currently work at the Suncorp Group Limited as an Analyst (Compliance).

Reading, writing, shopping and travelling are some of my favourite activities. I’m a fashion enthusiast and a big bargain hunter, a trait I inherited from my Mother.

Sonishspace is the place I document my thoughts and share my sense of style to inspire others, where you can look your best without it costing you a fortune.

How would you describe your style?

I describe my style as ‘Discovery’ I like to discover myself with the clothes I choose to wear. I love being playful, daring, stylish, modern, effortless, chic, street and experimenting with different things. I just want each outfit I create to reflect a piece of my many personalities.

If there was one item on your wish list to purchase, what would it be?

For now, my closet is missing a red pair of Christian Louboutin Pigalle heels. Even though I know they are not the most comfortable shoes in the world!

What advice would you give to your younger self as a teenager?

Don’t be too scared to try something new. Focus on making yourself happy instead of focusing on what people will think about you. It’s your life and you only have one to live, so don’t live it with regrets thinking “I should have”.

What influences you in regards to style?

My Mother’s sense of style influenced me a lot growing up. Back home (Sierra Leone) we didn’t have the luxury or much money to afford expensive things and Op shopping is what people revert to or pay the tailor to make you something. This was based on pure creativity as there was no TV to connect with the rest of the world or magazines to copy from and my mother was very creative. I remember her getting lots of compliments from other people.

Everything around me influences me, from everyday people, my friends, the people I see in magazines, on TV and even on billboards influence me. Now a days, my fashion sense is influenced by how comfortable I feel in the clothes and my mood. Like I said earlier, I want my outfits to reflect my many personalities, hence why I don’t follow much of what’s trending or currently in season.

What is one item in your wardrobe you wear over and over again?

My Nude Tony Bianco heels. I wear them mostly with every outfit. I lost a pair while I was on vacation in London. This was due to the change over from heels to flat after spending hours on the dancefloor (Oh,the struggle). I used the guilt trick on my husband (with tears just to emphasise the point) as soon as we returned to Brisbane he bought me another pair.

As a woman in the corporate world, what tips do you have for women in regards to work fashion?

You have to look smart, professional and comfortable. There is nothing more annoying than sitting with a jersey tube skirt on for 8 hours or walking in a 12cms heels from one meeting to another. Maybe it’s just me but being comfortable makes you feel confident. I love wearing pants to work, especially cigarette length pants which you can wear with nice flats or mid height heels.

I like to check my schedule for the upcoming week at work and find outfits that best suit each day. For example if I have a meeting with other stakeholders I will wear a suit or a pant and nice jacket with my mid range heels.

When do you feel most confident?

When I’m wearing heels. I really can’t find the words, but as soon as my feet slip in those 12 cm heels, somehow I feel elevated above the clouds (literally) and nothing scares me.

How would you rate Australian fashion compared to the rest of the world?

Honestly, I really don’t know a huge amount about Australian Fashion compared with the rest of the world, but now joining the team at Style Palace, I believe Australian Fashion is emerging and really sending a message to the world that we are unique and versatile.

Have you ever seen a photo of yourself from the past and thought “I can’t believe I wore that?” If so, what were you wearing?

There are so many I won’t even lie about it! But the one I look at and get a scare from is the flared pants photos. I mean those ones back in the early 2000’s that you can literally sweep all the dirt off the floor while wearing them!

Don’t get me wrong I love flared pants, just glad they don’t make the flares as big as they once did!

We are so excited to have Sonia as part of our team. Keep an eye out for Sonia’s monthly Style Palace fashion post on both her Blog page and her gorgeous Instagram page @sonish_space

We think youre amazing Sonia and so happy to have you on board!

As always…

Love and Style,
Barbie xx


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    Thanks so much Barbie for the opportunity. It’s will great pleasure to be part of this awesome journey.

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    So excited to have you with us! xx

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